Friday, March 25, 2011

Failed determine the setup path of the list schema for feature

I have upgraded one of my  Moss site to sharepoint 2010 using Detach and Attach Method. when opening the document library in one of the subsite, i got the below Error message in the Sharepoint Log file.
"Failed to determine the setup path of the list schema for feature {525DC00C-0745-47C0-8073-221C2EC22F0F}, list template 101.
System.ArgumentException: Feature '525dc00c-0745-47c0-8073-221c2ec22f0f' for list template '101' is not installed in this farm. 
The operation could not be completed.   "

1.       The cause above Error is some features are missing. So we have to find out the which feature is missing and copy that missing feature from WSS and move that feature files to SharePoint foundation 2010.

For finding the feature please use the below link which is very useful.

2.       Then we have to activate that feature in the sharepoint server 2010 using below Stsadm command.

In mycase 4 feature are missing and I have moved those features and I run the stsadm commands.

Stsadm.exe  -o installfeature  -name pwdoclibs

3.       Finally Reset the IIS.

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